Everything is digitized in today’s Industrial Revolution 4.0 including marketing and advertising. Every industry begins to ask questions along the lines of “where do I reach my targeted audience and how to reach out to a huge number of audience in a short period of time?” The answer to that question is where Instachk would love to have a role in.

With technology developed by a team of dedicated and reliable coders, Instachk can help you achieve your goal to maximize the reach of your advertisement by showing it to the people who use your free Wi-Fi service. We are currently tied up with reputable companies in Singapore such as Starhub, Moove Media, SBS Transit, Mybus, Vimea, and Cisco to provide free Wi-Fi service to commuters in Singapore and the commuters will see advertisements before getting access to the Wi-Fi service.

Digitized moving advertising is the future. Not only will you be able to reach high visibility to targeted audience, you’ll also be able to access a dashboard where you can see the statistics of your advertisement. It’s time to partner with Instachk if you don’t want to miss out on achieving your marketing and advertising target!