In official partnership with Grab, we have installed our digiboards on the headrest of the passenger seat inside GrabCars across the world’s second most-populated area of Jakarta, Indonesia. With the entertainment feature offered in our digiboard, passengers of GrabCars can now enjoy their long-hours ride by watching videos provided by local YouTubers and music from Spotify.

Other than providing entertainment feature for the passengers, our digiboard is a great tool to market YOUR brand. Not only do we offer an unskippable 30-second video ad space in our 10-inch digiboard, advertiser will receive a login ID to access a live report. The report will give you INSIGHTS which include but not limited to the following:

  • Total views along with hourly, weekly, and monthly breakdown.

  • Average views (distribution of average views for a selected week or month over days/time slot that can help you identify the prime day and prime time).

  • Distribution of views over time, days, weeks, and months.

  • Location heatmap with a filter to select day, week, and month which can help you track the locations where you received maximum viewership.

  • Metric for ROI – cost per view.